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The H99 building and its outstanding apartments form part of the Les Quais d'Arenc district, an architectural complex made up of four buildings.

A real city within the city, this new district aims to accommodate new-generation offices, luxury housing, hotel services and local shops.

To find out more: www.lesquaisdarenc.com



“Équerre d’argent” (Silver T-square prize-winner) in 1987 for the Institut du Monde Arabe and in 1993 for the Lyon Opera House and Commander of the Order of Arts and Literature, he is one of two French architects to have won the prestigious Pritzker Prize (in 2008). In addition to the Institut du Monde Arabe and the Lyon Opera House, he has also designed the Cartier Foundation, the Quai Branly Museum in Paris and the headquarters of Richemont in Geneva.

Jean-Baptiste PIETRI

Jean-Baptiste Pietri is a young architect who is already well-known for the significant work he has completed to date. His work involves a desire for modernity and a search for new forms of architecture. His designs, which include the Horizontal Tower with the 5+1AA agency (Milan), the renovation of the Ecole Condorcet (Evry), a number of housing projects and the highly publicized Bains de Mer Chauds residence, pay particular attention to well-being and the environmental context.

Yves Lion

Architect and town planner Yves Lion is a great supporter of the city, to which he dedicates his great architectural talent. Having concentrated initially on housing projects, he has gone on to design urban projects in a number of French regions and abroad. In 2007 he was awarded the Grand Prize for Town Planning for the quality of his projects, the priority he gives to public spaces and his efforts to create housing conditions that are adapted to lifestyles.

Roland CARTA

Roland Carta made his reputation through the competitions in which he took part from the early 80s relating to major public amenities in France and abroad. He has been head of the firm “C + T Architectures” since 1st June 2000.