(Re) créer la ville

Les quais d'Arenc

Le Groupe Constructa, fondé en 1965 et implanté en France, aux Etats-Unis et en Suisse,
éxerce ses activités au travers de 5 filiales :

Organigramme Constructa
  • Constructa Vente

    2,000 homes sold a year, 80 principals on average per year and a turnover of 200 million euros

  • Constructa Promotion

    Housing, offices, hotels and residences of services

  • Constructa Asset Management

    6.5 billion € of assets managed, 370 million € of rent, 110 buildings, 650 tenants, 1.5 million m² managed

  • Constructa Urban Systems

    500 000 m2 developed in Europe in 2010.

  • Constructa Private Services

    Through a new subsidiary dedicated, Construction is from 2011, its know-how available to wealthy private clients by creating, for them, tailored services tailored to their specific real estate issues.